The way we think

What do we do differently and better?  It’s as simple as it is complex. At Keogh Ryan Tierney we’re not just driven to make numbers work… we want to help you make your business work better. To see it grow, develop, do more and go further. So it’s not short-term figures that excite us – it’s a long-term picture of where your company can go with the right accounting partner on your side.

Paul Tierney
Audit Partner

Business vision meets human interest

What makes us interesting, is that we’re always interested. Sound and solid specialisation in tax, strategic planning and financial modelling combine with a real focus on different market sectors. So while you’re assured of our ‘Big 4’ expertise, you’ll also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the retail, automotive, technology,  healthcare, construction and corporate sectors.

It’s about having a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities you face and the landscape in which you operate. It’s the kind of specialisation simply not available from other firms.

Best brains trust

We are partner-led by quality professionals who are senior tax, auditing and advisory specialists. From the beginning of your relationship with us to the hands-on servicing and advice you’ll receive, you’ll deal with a partner who brings knowledge, experience and expertise. At the same time, each partner is supported by a professional team – ensuring we can handle projects of scale cost-effectively. This way of working means we remove silos and encourage accountability and ownership within our teams.

Keogh Ryan Tierney is also a continuous learning environment: ongoing training ensures you always get the benefit of the best advice and the most up-to-date information.

Paul Tierney, Peter Ryan and Peter Keogh

People First

Ours is a people-centred business – operated on respect, trust and efficient communication. It’s this kind of approach that helps us build meaningful relationships with our clients, over time – paving the way for real collaboration. And it’s the kind of approach that lays the foundations for informed decision-making, proactive ideas and smart solutions.


We accept no compromise when it comes to embracing the best technology available to our industry. We’re always best placed for new opportunities and possibilities and constantly reinvest in financial resources to make sure we deliver to best practice standards.

Our values

Have integrity

From giving honest advice with no agenda, to our fair fees policy and no-compromise confidentiality, our firm is recognised for its ethical conduct and transparency. And as in any good relationship, we’re also not afraid to admit if we’re wrong.


From constantly talking to, and meeting with, our clients, to encouraging free thinking and open communication – we listen, we learn, we teach and we share.

Be bold

We’re unapologetic about the businesses and people with whom we want to work. And from innovating new services, to creatively solving problems, we always strive for the brave and the breakthrough – while always coming from a place of knowledge.


From constantly getting better by educating and training ourselves – to recognising and encouraging each team member to grow and take responsibility – it’s about being better, doing more.

Our vision

‘To advise excellent people to enhance and grow their business’.

At Keogh Ryan Tierney, our first goal is always to have excellent people, doing quality work for extraordinary clients who work the way we do in their drive for growth.

Our Mission

'We work with clients who want to grow and that have complexity in their business model and/or in their ownership structure.'

Typically these clients have a Financial function and due to their growth and added complexity, our service line model will allow our team efficiently deliver quality service. We will price competitively against the branded firms.

How you benefit

What makes working with Keogh Ryan Tierney different?

  • We’re a business that believes in the importance of people and relationships with our clients.
  • We’re about so much more than numbers. We’re here to help take your business places.
  • We offer key specialist areas in one firm – meeting your total business needs.
  • Quality and exceptional expertise is evident in everything we do.
  • We provide ‘big 4 expertise’ combined with an ethic of personal service and real care.
  • Our partners and team members have a refreshing and different way of thinking that inspires us in our work.

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