To help you manage your business efficiently and profitably, we offer a full complement of accounting services together with important added value benefits and strategic thinking.


We operate as auditors to a wide range of businesses across many sectors. Technical competence and expertise in this core offering goes without saying – but a strong differentiator of our audit service is HOW we deliver. While we take on the role of auditors – we also provide the benefit of being trusted business advisors to our clients. We know their businesses, we are interested in how they work, and want to take them further.

As an audit client of ours, you enjoy the benefit of our proprietary audit model:


We are committed to discuss and meet with you on a regular basis and make sure you can access our key personnel at any time throughout the year. We will promptly communicate the findings of our audit work and any matters that may arise and are not afraid to share the hard-to-hear stuff too.


Because we get to know your business, we build a strong strategic bond with you, allowing us to add value through keen insights, commentary and important industry benchmarking. Our clients also find us an important ‘sounding board’ in their business development matters.

Constructive Feedback

We deliver information you can use. We provide our clients with clear and constructive observations on accounting, internal controls and governance issues – which translate into practical advice and support.


We provide a first-class service at a competitive fee level together with a significant value-add service. No client of ours feels ‘on the clock’ in terms of phone calls and emails: all fees are agreed in advance, so you always know when and what costs apply, before they are incurred.


We commit to making sure you have the same audit partner, audit manager, tax partner and tax manager each year – to ensure they share your business journey with you.


Our auditing services include statutory audits, statutory accounting, audit exempt accounts and company secretarial services.


We are committed to giving you the best quality service – always delivered in good time. Our policy is to undertake audits as soon as possible after the financial year end – while we often perform interim audits prior to year-end. Our internal system for CRO, corporation tax and income tax filing deadlines are flagged by email to team members, two months in advance of the filing requirement. We chase you, so you don’t need to worry.

Complete Customisation

We understand that your business is a living, growing entity. So ours is never a ‘boilerplate’ audit service: we meet your needs according to your agenda, rather than taking a strictly compliance-based approach.


We are 100% paperless so all information that is part of the audit process can be passed on electronically and offsite. We have also invested wisely in our audit IT systems, using the Caseware package – assuring a constant flow of information from your system to ours.


At the heart of this essential and far-reaching service is the assurance that your company is tax-compliant across all tax heads. Done effectively, your business benefits from maximised tax reliefs and shelters, and minimised liabilities and risks.

Our tax unit works with clients at all business levels – from individual sole traders and small businesses, to medium and large indigenous industries and multinationals.

Our services include:


As the issue of tax compliance grows more complex, so the importance of precision grows. Senior Partner Peter Ryan is dedicated, within the firm, to tax services and has over 30 years experience as a tax specialist – ensuring your company’s obligations are met and you remain compliant. We will prepare and submit complex tax returns, while advising what tax planning opportunities may be available to reduce your tax liability.


We are here to support and assist should a revenue audit arise. Of course handling compliance correctly on an ongoing basis greatly reduces the risk of problems arising from a Revenue Audit.


From personal tax and corporate tax to advice on VAT and capital acquisitions – we are here to assist, advise and support.


To make sure that assets are transferred tax-efficiently within a family business, we can develop an effective and value-added succession plan. We look at all aspects of succession, including estate planning, insurance, transfer of shares and the correct structuring of your organisation.


A key strength of our tax department is knowing when certain tax challenges require a more lateral approach. For example, looking at restructuring a business prior to it being sold might introduce previously under-explored tax benefits.


A key departure from the traditional accounting firm is our sound strength as business advisors. Whether you are investigating new markets, growing your team, merging businesses or acquiring a new one, we’re here to make it easier for you.

Our services include:

  • We have the expertise and financial skills to take control of your growth process – to navigate and negotiate the financial, legal and political implications of your situation.
  • Within our advisory role, we have worked extensively with clients in the technology, retail and healthcare sectors – with a particular focus on established businesses that are looking to grow.
  • Even more uniquely, we recognise not just process, but people too – understanding and managing the personalities at play to get to where you need to be. We have a real interest in making sure the business objectives and personal values of our clients are always aligned.
  • We have a real interest in businesses that are growing, that have some complexity in their business model and/or ownership structure and that are committed to applying the best financial practices.
  • In most of our assignments with clients, we begin by developing a financial model which we use to value the business formally or informally. We then work through a tested and proven process to meet agreed objectives.
  • We are valuation experts; we work with clients valuing their business for Revenue requirements and we work for Revenue as their expert on specific assignments.  All transactions require expertise in valuation, this is a service we provide in many forms.

"We have an established, dedicated
and focused Payroll Services Unit"

Additional Services

Professional End-to-End Payroll

Keogh Ryan Tierney has an established, dedicated and focused Payroll Services Unit – offering tailored, confidential, time-efficient and cost-effective payroll services. You can be sure your payroll complies with current legislation and statutory requirements, while gaining proactive advice, support and insight from our experienced team.

Our Payroll Services Unit combines the latest software with the expertise, shared knowledge and experience of dedicated payroll specialists who handle all aspects of payroll.

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