Specialised Sectors


Our partners each have a key interest in particular business segments. The take-out for your business? We give you an in-depth understanding of finances within the context of your industry. You enjoy financial services and solutions uniquely adapted to suit your sector plus real insight into how your company is best placed to compete.

Paul Tierney is a recognised and respected expert.


Partner Paul Tierney has an active and informed interest in the financial world of the motor industry, and is a recognised and respected expert. This means we are able to service your automotive business with an efficient, customised service coupled with strong industry expertise. Paul and his specialised team bring to your business great knowledge of the trade: we have the financial models, speak your language and understand the opportunities and obstacles you face.

We Know How it Works

From stock holding levels to wage percentages and levels of turnover – we know how the market is measuring up. This means everything we do for you is informed by real time facts and figures. We can interpret market changes and help you plan ahead with insight.

We understand the positioning of banks and how they work with the motor sector.

We identify trends, what they mean for you and advise how to act with foresight.

We help you identify challenges and opportunities over the next 3 year cycle.

We can, confidentially, provide you with financial data to understand where your business ranks within your industry.

We’ll work with you to develop a staff recruitment approach that’s right for you and help you balance financial health with talent management.

We offer a service that combines excellent service at a value for money price.

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