Peter Ryan FCA AITI


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We’re unapologetic about the kind of businesses and people we want to work with. And from innovating new services to creatively solving problems, we always strive for the brave and the breakthrough.

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Peter Ryan FCA AITI

The firm’s Tax lead partner, Peter qualified as an Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute in 1994, then as a Chartered Accountant in 1997 (placed in Professional Three Exams). Peter trained.

Paul Tierney FCA

Originally from Tipperary, Paul Tierney is the most recent partner appointment to the firm, joining the firm in January 2015. He holds a BA in Accounting and Finance and an MBS.

Peter Keogh FCA

After a career that took him from KPMG in Dublin to British Vita PLC in Paris and back to BDO Simpson Xavier and Deloitte in Limerick, Peter founded the firm –.

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